Tarpaulin adhesive HH-66 Vinyl Cement

Tarpaulin adhesive HH-66 Vinyl Cement

Adhesives for tarpaulins HH-66 Vinyl Cement can be ordered from our specialized online store:


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HH-66 is the best adhesive for flexible PVC products. It is a special cement for joining and repairing vinyl materials. With it you can repair from household items - to commercial products, including awnings, covers for trucks or pools, inflatable toys, faux leather and more. HH-66 Vinyl Cement was developed and manufactured by the American company R-H Products Co. We are the official importer of the glue for Bulgaria.

You can buy the glue from our specialized online store HH66.eu. There you will find various cuts and auxiliary materials that you need.

The glue is waterproof. He glued the patch to the base with great force.