Sliding roof for truck or trailer

Tarpaulin Parameters

The vehicle must come to our base in the town of Byala, region Ruse to make the product exactly on it and to install it.

You can request a date to come and make it. Once you have completed the order, we will contact you to confirm the date.

You can also call us directly / see the Contacts menu / to save the production date .

  • Value: 0.00 лв. ex VAT

Tarpaulin for the sliding roof for a truck or trailer up to 12 m long. Not for semi-trailer /for semi-trailers see Sliding Roof for Semi-trailer/.

We use PVC coated synthetic tarpaulin weighing 700 grams per square meter and braid of textiles type 'Panama'. This type of tarpaulin is used especially for ceilings on three-sided blinds.

All places where the tarpaulin comes into contact with the metal structure of the trailer are reinforced with an additional layer of tarpaulin.

A textile rope is worked on the side periphery of the ceiling.

In general, the color of the ceiling is white.

The price includes dismantling of the old ceiling and installation of the new one. The ceiling is mounted on the side by means of metal washers with rubber pads.

The price does not include repair of the metal structure of the trailer and we do not offer such a service.

The straps for attaching to the strips are transferred from the old ceiling to the new one. In case you have them missing, we offer them as an additional accessory at an affordable price.

The replacement of the ceiling / dismantling, production, installation / is done in one working day.

You need to call in advance / a few days in advance / on 0885 110 984 to be included in the production schedule.