Tarpaulin construction

Tarpaulin Parameters

The vehicle must come to our base in the town of Byala, region Ruse to make the product exactly on it and to install it.

You can request a date to come and make it. Once you have completed the order, we will contact you to confirm the date.

You can also call us directly / see the Contacts menu / to save the production date .

  • Value: 0.00 лв. ex VAT

As an additional service we offer construction of a metal structure / superstructure / for small trucks and trailers. The construction is iron and non-detachable. It is made of iron profiles 40/30/2 mm. by welding. If possible, the attachment to the frame is with bolted connections.

Customers determine the required height of the structure.

The corner joints are reinforced with triangular plates. Metal pockets for boards with a width of 25 mm are placed. The number of boards is determined by the height and desire of the client.

If necessary, place a middle, detachable support column.

The ceiling is made of four or five longitudinal profiles. A middle cross profile can also be fitted.

The construction is primed.

The metal construction is not aluminum, it is not detachable, it is not a blind.

The term for making a metal structure is 5 working days.

The possibility for construction and installation of the structure is confirmed after an on-site inspection of the vehicle.