Tarpaulin warehouses

Tarpaulin warehouses

Tarpaulin warehouses

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Tarpaulin warehouses are an affordable and convenient solution for storing goods and materials.

They are made of a detachable metal structure. The joints are made with bolted connections. Additional fastening of the structure with metal ropes. The structure is attached to the base by anchoring.

Type of covering material: Synthetic tarpaulin weighing 650-700 g / sq.m. with increased UV resistance. Recommended color - white.

There are several cover sheets in order to provide the possibility for free disclosure of each of the side parts of the warehouse.

The roof is intact and stretches on the periphery of the warehouse with metal profiles and bolted connections. As the roof is taut, this gives extra stability to the structure.

Each page is a separate component and can be opened separately. If necessary, each of the pages can be divided into smaller elements with a width multiple of the size between the trusses.

The sides of the structure are made of thick synthetic tarpaulin. It lets in light and is bright inside the warehouse during the day.

If necessary, "windows" of transparent foil type "PVC crystal" with a thickness of 0.5 mm can be placed. This is an additional option.