Tarpaulin for shaker trailer

Tarpaulin for shaker trailer

Product Code:Покривало за тресачка
  • Price: 660.00 лв. ex VAT

Tarpaulin for trailer for bulk cargo type "shaker" / movable floor / with a length of 13.6 meters.

The tarpaulin covers the cargo area from above, winding on one side around a metal profile. The profile fits into a specially made pocket in the cover. Stretching of the cover is done by belts with rattles / or elastics for smaller covers /.

The short sides of the tarpaulin are stretched with elastics. The side opposite the metal profile is attached to the basket by means of a rail, a sealing rope or rotating plates.

It is made of synthetic tarpaulin weighing 700. All parts of the tarpaulin that come into contact with the metal structure are reinforced. It can be made of tarpaulin weighing 900 g at the request of the client. but it becomes too heavy and difficult to wind.

The price is determined depending on the number of reinforcements on the metal stretchers, the way of attachment to the basket.

The tarpaulin can be ordered remotely for production and we will send it to you by courier. To do this, you must specify all dimensions. If you install with a sealing rope or swivel plates, there is a risk that the holes will not fit and you will have to move the plates.

You can also order the cover with installation from us. To do this, you must call 0885 110984 in advance to specify a day for installation. Manufacturing and installation take one working day.