Pool covers

Pool covers

Pool covers

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Pool Covers are made of synthetic tarpaulin weighing 650 g / sq.m. These are the so-called "winter covers" for swimming pools. They are strong and durable. On their periphery there is a hem and metal rings with a diameter of 20 mm, located every 50 cm. which serve to attach the cover to the base of the pool. The tying itself is done with a rope or elastic, which you can order additionally.

You can order rectangular, round and elliptical pool covers directly through our website. When setting the dimensions you need to consider whether in addition to the width and length of the pool it is not necessary to add another 20-50 cm for better coverage of the periphery of the pool.

If the construction of the pool is protruding above the ground, you can order the cover with a board / fall /. In this case, you can add a few centimeters (for example 3-5 cm) to the width (and length) of the pool in order to make it easier to place the cover - not to be too tight.

We can make covers with an irregular shape according to the template or dimensional technical drawing provided by you.