Tarpaulins for railway wagons

Tarpaulins for railway wagons

Tarpaulins for railway wagons

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We make tarpaulins for railway wagons. A synthetic tarpaulin with increased resistance to tearing and tearing is used. Fittings with diameter 20mm or 40mm are placed in the periphery of the tarpaulins, depending on the customer's requirements. All sections with installed hardware are additionally reinforced with double tarpaulin. If necessary, the sections that come into contact with the metal parts of the wagon can be reinforced. Thus, increased wear resistance is achieved.

The company manufactures both straight tarpaulins /for covering wagons open only in the upper part/, as well as complete covers for wagons. An additional possibility is the placement of inscriptions in order to identify the tarpaulins and their owner.

Our clients for this type of covers are BDZ - Tovarni Prevozi AD, Kaolin AD, Octopus Invest Holding, Bulgarian Railway Company and others.