Large-size tarpaulins

Large-size tarpaulins

Large-size tarpaulins

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We produce large-size tarpaulins to cover bulk cargo, materials and goods. Theoretically, there is no limit to the size we can produce. The restriction stems from the weight of the product, which also increases with increasing size. The large weight of the covers makes them difficult to place.

Our tarpaulins are used to cover agricultural products, construction materials, machinery, equipment.

If you need very large tarpaulins (over 1000 square meters), we can offer options for separating parts of the cover and the ability to fasten the individual elements to each other. This makes transporting and installing the covers easier.

If necessary, large covers can be reinforced with thermal belts on the inside.

The covers have accessories for strengthening on their periphery.

We can offer attractive prices for large-sized covers.

These covers are usually made of synthetic tarpaulin weighing 650-700 g / sq.m. In general, there are lighter materials, but with a decrease in the weight of the material, it drastically reduces the resistance to tearing and tearing. For this reason, lighter materials are not suitable for large blankets (over 20 square meters). Large covers are subjected to significant wind loads, which requires them to be tear-resistant.