Swimming pool film from retail chains

Swimming pool film from retail chains

Swimming pool film from retail chains

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Many of our customers have bought prefabricated pools from popular retail chains.

They are cheap, but are made of very thin PVC foil, with a short life.

We can produce a new lining for your pool structure from synthetic tarpaulin.

If your pool had an old lining / even torn /, we can use it to make a new one / using the old one as a template /. You can send us the old foil by courier. This is a good option for mass pools with construction, which are sold in retail chains.

The main advantage of our lining is that the tarpaulin has a textile base, which is coated with PVC. The ordinary foil with which the pools are sold does not have one. The textile mesh makes the cladding much stronger. The synthetic tarpaulin has UV protection. During normal operation / without mechanical injuries /, the life of this cladding exceeds 7 years.