Blind curtains without shutters

Tarpaulin Parameters

The vehicle must come to our base in the town of Byala, region Ruse to make the product exactly on it and to install it.

You can request a date to come and make it. Once you have completed the order, we will contact you to confirm the date.

You can also call us directly / see the Contacts menu / to save the production date .

  • Value: 0.00 лв. ex VAT

This product applies to the blinds of a truck or trailer up to 12 meters in length. Does not apply to semi-trailer blind curtains / see category Semi-trailers /.

The curtains for the blind / without covers / are made of synthetic tarpaulin type "Panama" with a weight of 900 g / sq.m. The tarpaulin is reinforced in the areas where it comes into contact with the metal structure of the trailer.

On the inside, the necessary vertical thermal belts are glued, which connect the rollers with the fasteners at the bottom. These thermal belts (vertical) are included in the price.

The price does not include rollers, fasteners and pipes for tightening the tarpaulin. They are generally transferred from the old curtains. In case you want to replace some of these elements - we have the most common models / but not all /. Their price is calculated additionally.

At the customer's request, we can also install horizontal thermal belts, which are usually required in the presence of an XL-certificate. These belts can be two, three or four and increase the price accordingly.

At the customer's request, we can place a reflective tape over the fasteners, and it is paid extra.

The price of the pages depends on the size of the cargo space.