Awnings and PVC covers

Awnings and PVC covers

Awnings and PVC covers

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We produce awnings from synthetic PVC coated tarpaulin. They are extremely strong, UV-resistant and have a long life. In essence, this is a lightweight version of the material from which we make truck covers.

The awnings are attached to the supporting structure by tying with a cord or riveting. For this purpose, strips with metal rings are glued on the inside through which the rope is passed.

Awnings should be stretched as much as possible so that they do not collect water and do not move in strong winds. For this reason, the tensioning straps are moved slightly inwards from the position of the profiles of the structure to have room for tension.

We have no limit on the size of awnings. High-frequency welding of the materials is used in the production, not a seam with textile fiber. This makes the products much more durable and avoids the aging / rotting / of the textile fibers.

You can order an awning by providing us with a dimensioned sketch / drawing / of the structure you have. We will offer you the best price.